Crouching Tiger

No other big cat in the world fascinates people more than the Tiger.  As a result of my association with the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Citrus, Florida, (EARS, Inc.), I have had the great honor to spend time observing and basking in the energy of these giant cats.  Whether White Tigers, Snow Tiger, Siberian Tigers or Bengal Tigers, as well as a Liger (the biggest of all), I can still conjure up that feeling of their awesome power and beauty when I need it most. 
Tiger isn’t one of the power animal totems I was born with, but in the last couple of years, Tiger has shown up as a temporary or passing totem to help me create a new path on my life’s journey.  
My new CD and its subsequent T-shirt both feature the face from a photograph I took of T-Man, an adult Tiger that I sat near and shared my music with him.  Although very powerful, he has a gentle spirit and shows his acceptance by “chuffing” and closing his eyes.  
Tiger is also keeping me on task with my True Work in life which, as a spiritual entertainer, is an important aspect of my ability to connect with my Source energy and share music and stories with the global Community.  
When it’s time for an animal totem to work with you on a project or a time in your life, you will become much more aware of it: in books, fetishes, paintings, cards, songs your dreams, meditation, conversations, tracks, movies, etc.  
In my transition time, Tiger is helping me move forward, pushing me onward and not letting fear of the unknown stop me.  But it’s also showing me a balanced way to accomplish my True Work -- I have to remember to balance it with play, rest, and study for maximum results.  Again, just like the entertainer in me, Tiger wants to be center stage -- to be seen, recognized and known. 
In my efforts to understand the transition I am going through and the direction it is taking me, I took a Shamanic Journey with the question of “What core beliefs am I still carrying that are blocking me from emerging into the new light?” 
Just as I settled into the journey, Tiger approached me in a crouched and stalking posture ... its eyes were fixed on me.  It was so real, it started me. Even though I knew in spirit nothing could hurt me, it was overwhelming to watch this large animal approaching and me having no defenses.  
I remember thinking, “What can I do to protect myself?”  I realized I could nothing, but surrender.  I dropped to my knees and bowed my head.  Tiger reached me and sniffed my face and head.  To my surprise, it began grooming me with its tongue. Just for reference, the barbs on the tongue of a tiger are so stiff and sharp that it can literally remove the fur and skin of a prey animal, which is obviously very useful to a physical tiger. 
I waited for my skin to be ripped to shreds but instead his tongue didn’t seem to touch my skin, only my spirit.  After sufficient grooming the tiger circled me, rubbed up against me and then laid down facing me, watching me. . . with those eyes.
This was a significant encounter and one for which I continue to see clarification.  I have discovered through study that Tigers have antiseptic saliva and they lick their wounds to disinfect them.  So the action of the Tiger licking and grooming me during the journey tells me that Tiger was cleansing me and healing old emotional wounds.  These wounds don’t have to be remembered by me or relived.  I only have to acknowledge them and show gratitude for the action taken by Tiger.  
Just writing about this spirit journey I’ve received much more clarity of the new vision, opening up awareness of new products, new projects, new opportunities complete with new timelines.
Now I can feel myself going into a “fear” mode before it becomes overwhelming and I can take another step into my new dream.  One of my favorite quotes is from a Will Smith movie “After Earth” when he tells his son, “Danger is real, fear is a choice.”  The unknown can be scary, but my response to it doesn’t have to be fear, I can replace it with “wonder”, “amazement”, or even “excitement”.
While I continue working through old emotional baggage (and who doesn’t have that?), I can identify what thoughts and emotions it triggers. That’s a huge step because most of our emotions are created by conditioned responses and knee-jerk reactions, so the earlier I can catch it, the earlier I can focus myself on my new direction.
According to Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speaks, Tiger is telling me to expect an expansion of my power and sensibilities, but to control my passions and don’t let them become unpredictable.  Remain focused, be patient and that will help me achieve my goal more quickly.  I am ready for a new adventure, one that may present new challenges, but will introduce exciting changes in my life.  How about you?  Are you ready for exciting changes in your life?   
The Amur Tiger is one of the endangered animals I composed music for on my latest CD Animal Totems 3, Endangered Animal Species.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the inspiration of Tiger.
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