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Kimberly wrote this song on the way to Bisbee, Arizona to visit her parents one year. Inspired by the first three notes on the fiddle of Bob Wills' "Faded Love", Kimberly's love of the fiddle is not only the reason for this song, but the reason she married a fiddle player!


Oh it's Christmas Morning and the sun is shining
There's no trace of snow on the ground
All the presents are open, kids are outside playing
It's Christmas in my Arizona town

I wouldn't trade one sunny Arizona Day for all the snowflakes in the Rockies
And Santa sure is glad, he knows the weather won't be back
Why don't we name him honorary "Zonie"

Grad the bags let's go golfin', take the dogs a-walkin'
Or play a set of tennis or two
When the night gets quiet, we'll just build a fire
And have another outdoor barbecue

Guess we might be boastin', cause we're nice and toasty
There's nothing else that we'd rather do
Than to send our greetings cause we know you're freezing
And wish a Merry Christmas to you . . .
Tag: But now it's time for a dip in the pool