. . . to Arvel Bird's official website.  Arvel's been busy working on a new project, but not what you might think.  Although he continues light touring and composing new music . . . he and Kimberly have founded a Spiritual Center in Cottonwood, Arizona!

The Center of Universal Light is located at Old Town Center for the Arts.  As of April 1st, Arvel and Kimberly share the Sunday Message, Music and Mantra and occasionally bring in other brilliant Guest Speakers and Musicians on scheduled Sundays.  

The Center of Universal Light is an independent, unaffiliated, unorthodox spiritual center, celebrating the diversity of life, spirituality and encouraging people to follow their own spiritual path.  You can read more about it at Center of Universal Light.

He will continue his currently scheduled performances "on the road".  Feel free to email us with any questions.  info@arvelbird.com

bloggin' on the road with Arvel

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Rev. Arvel's Music with a Message

Center of Universal Light, 633 N. 5th Street, Cottonwood, AZ

Reverends Arvel and Kimberly are co-founders of Center of Universal Light, a spiritually diverse healing center dedicated to supporting you on your own spiritual path. CUL has no dogma, through our own journey and through guest speakers, we share positive ideas, wisdom, spiritual guidance and love from all spiritual arenas. Oh, and . . . If you don't love music and singing, we're probably not the right place for you.