Arvel Bird is a diverse entertainer known not only for his immense talent as a musician, but also as a composer, an inspirational speaker, an artist-in-residence at schools, National Parks and a facilitator of Animal Totem Workshops. Click on the type of program for more information.  

Musical Performances

  • Celtic Indian - Arvel's signature performance transforms his rich heritage into music and stories.  From solo to full band experience, Arvel's Celtic Indian show is a favorite among promoters at performing art centers, theaters, cultural festivals, community centers, private events.

  • Celtic - With a Scottish ancestry and fiddle, Arvel has a full selection of most Celtic styles of fiddle.  His original Celtic rock compositions and traditional tunes create a tapestry of sounds for Scottish, Irish and Celtic festivals.   

  • Native American - The violin and Native American flutes create a unique performance as Arvel focuses on his Native heritage.  His contemporary original music, traditional flute songs and Me'tis fiddle tunes are woven together with stories of animals, his American Indian heroes, history and his heritage.

  • Fiddle-icious - After eleven years of classical training on the violin, Arvel was ready to learn a variety of styles.  He created his fiddle-icious show, specifically targeted for RV Resorts, 55+ communities and those with a real taste for a variety of fiddle styles. 

  • Classical - Many of Arvel's compositions are inspired by his classical training and have been scored for symphony, string orchestra and chamber orchestra where he has performed as guest artist.   

  • House Concerts - A special time together with friends and neighbors.  Ideal for up to 100 people in your backyard, your extra large living room, HOA Rec Center or Clubhouse.  Add a pot luck and this is an up close and personal concert with plenty of time for individual interaction and questions for Arvel.

Most performances can include Celtic / Native / Contemporary dancers for an additional cost.

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Animal Totem Workshops - Arvel Bird has spent a lifetime studying the characteristics and spiritual messages of animals.  He calls on their spirits daily to give him guidance, a higher view of difficult situations and sometimes just to remind him that life is supposed to be fun.   

Through his music and workshops, Arvel’s intention is to help you to discover the Sacred Power of Animal Totems, and to find your own connection with them; through music, workshops like this, meditation, reading, focusing on animal fetishes, photos, spending time in nature, whatever helps you to feel the “medicine” they have for you when you need it.  

Animal Totem workshops are popular at healing centers, spiritual centers, new thought churches, community centers and private events.

Violin Workshops - Arvel learned from a maestro who he explains, "took me apart and put me back to together" in order to bring about his best performances.  He shares this knowledge and experience with violinists of all ages and skill levels, teaching them how to practice and creating magic around the instrument.  His passion for music along with his patience and humor, make his workshops fun, inspirational and possible!!

Native American Flute Workshops - From beginner to professional, Arvel applies the same principles to this workshop as he does his violin workshops.

Live Performance Workshops - Those of us who entertain have a certain knack for being "hams", but there's a lot more to it than walking up to a microphone and playing your instrument or singing.  The science of performing is fascinating and Arvel will teach you how to talk to your audience, move on stage, tell your story, lead your audience emotionally and increase sales!

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Healing Centers

Arvel Bird brings a lifetime of healing help from his own journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge by using the most powerful of all healing techniques “music” to awaken within the listener their own healing connection to source energy.   His fifty years of experience in the professional field of music, recording, performance and teaching have brought him a unique perspective on the healing process including such techniques as shedding the past, inner child re-parenting, theta healing, shamanic journeying and animal totem workshops to help people step into their true personal power.  From drumming circles to flute workshops as well as music healing and the inspired imagination of the Shamanic Journey, Arvel guides the participants past false beliefs and limitations towards the awakening of their full potential. 

Inspirational Speaking

Spiritual Centers, Churches, Communities, Clubs 
In 2002, as Arvel began performing his instrumental music from his Animal Totems CD, he felt he needed to “explain” the relationship between the music and the animal.  Animal Totems 2 and Animal Totems 3 provided Arvel with additional opportunity to present his spiritual and healing journey through music and stories.  His program evolved to include his tumultuous childhood and how he rose above those early years through a continuum of healing modalities.