Life in my new role . . . Rev. Arvel

Last February, Kimberly and I were offered the opportunity to follow one of our new dreams.  To have a spiritual healing center.  Well, to be honest, I mainly had  my sights set on being one of the teachers, musicians, and workshop facilitator at a healing center.  But after another sold-out concert at the Old Town Center for the Arts that fateful night, my long time friend and fellow-musician, who also happens to be the director of OTCA asked me if I had ever thought about starting my own church.

Yes and No, I told him, speaking instead of a holistic spiritual center, rather than a denominational church.  He said the previous group was closing, freeing up time on Sundays.  It was just the right time, the moon was right, the stars were lined up and we said yes.

I've never been happier, and Kimberly has completely blossomed in her new space.  In the 18 months we've been here, we've held Gatherings every Sunday, Kimberly immediately started a Sister's Circle that has monthly programs about all types of topics, Goddesses, Jewish Traditions, Oracle cards, Egyptian culture and history, Native American ceremonies, crafts and more.

I started a men's group where we talk about guy things (code of silence!).  We also have a bi-monthly Drumming Circle, bi-monthly Native American flute

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