The Year of Covid

My last post is dated Sept 16, 2020, but that is a typo, I believe, because it seems like I would have said that Sept. 16, 2017, instead.  Awe, so many things have changed and transmuted since 2017.  I can't even begin to list them all, except to say that in 2020 alone I have experienced divorcing my wife of 30 years, resigning as director, president and lead pastor of the spiritual healing center I started and co-lead with my former wife; moving 3 times; losing all my income with the covid shut down; experiencing an identity crisis; extreme highs and extreme lows; major shadow healings; starting a new relationship; adjusting, adjusting, and more adjusting.

I'm now part of a The New Center, Inc. in Cottonwood, AZ, which is similar to the Center of Universal Light except that it is going deeper and rising higher and I'm working and playing music now with Kaleah LaRoche.  

I'll get better at staying in touch and keeping up to date about my events.  

Blessings everyone and Happy Thanksgiving (what are you most thankful for?)

Arvel Bird